We are leaving in a world where having certifications became synonymous to having knowledge; being certified could make the difference between getting a job interview, or not getting it. My question is: is this actually fair?

The problem is, to become certified, you need a lot of money! Do not consider the exam cost only; you should also account for equipment costs for your home lab, books, as well as, time (time is money, right?).  So, where do you get the money from?

You could get a loan from the bank – if they give you one; normally you’d have to show some sort of income, right? Or, you could borrow money from your rich and good friend! Or you/your family could be wealthy enough – so money won’t be a problem. I would say, for most of us out there, you need to earn money through a job.

So, you need to get certified to get a job!
Though you also need a job to earn money for getting certified!

After working with VMware vSphere product for some time, I have at last decided to get VCP-DCV certified on vSphere 5.x. Annoyingly enough, this is not a cert you get by simply studying and passing the exam – you need to enroll on an officially supported VMware course! That’s right – you can study as much as you can, pass the exam and you still don’t get officially certified!

Sorry VMware – I don’t have 1000£ to spare on such course.
I did pass the exam though!

The other day I was on the phone with a Jobs Agency. I was shocked when my CV was not considered simply because I was not officially certified – this is despite my CV clearly showing experience in deploying/configuring/maintaining VMware vSphere environment.

I think it is not fair to be denied a chance for an interview, just because you didn’t have enough money to enroll on a course! On the other side of the coin, there is plenty of IT certified engineers out there, who unfortunately, don’t actually know much!

Not a fair world!


Thank you,
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