Continuing from previous blogs, it is now time to tackle another MPLS application – the L3VPN. When creating a L3VPN, conceptually speaking, you actually create a Virtual Router over an existent  MPLS core; you then dedicate that virtual router to a specific VPN – this is in contrast to L2VPNs where you end-up creating a Virtual… Continue reading

The other day I needed a tool to help me find out which devices are live within a specific range; I also needed to find out for which of those I had a valid DNS A record added. So I’ve looked around and came across a few PingSweep windows applications which would kind-of help me – but… Continue reading

Time has passed after setting up Customer-X cross-connect between their two sites – customer is so pleased with the service you have been providing that now they wish to bring in the other 20 sites into a common connectivity solution. You call a meeting to discuss the requirements and the following is agreed: All other… Continue reading