It has been a while since my last blog but that’s only because I have been busy with my CCIE studying – it is while in this process that recently, I’ve started experiencing some issues with disconnections to my switches – these were being “proxies” through using net2ser tool installed on my Dyanmips Ubuntu server.

PS. Will post at some stage my full Dynamips setup for reference.

Going forward, I have decided to look once again on eBay and this time, did manage to find an afordable serial terminal server for my switches provided by DIGI – and it works like a trait. I have to say this device is amazing – it comes out of the box with 16 ports which can actually be configured for either routing too! It even runs RIP. So one could actually split some ports for reverse telnet/ssh connectivity, while leaving other ports as L3-ports.

You can download the manuals here in case you decide to get it or if you feel like taking a look at its features:

While setting it up and hooking it onto my network, I thought I’d update my home network diagram. You can see it below for your reference/inspiration.



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