It has been difficult…

  • work
  • family life (wife + kids)
  • health problems
  • stress
  • someone dear to me passing
  • career direction change (from perm job, into consultancy)
  • few stupid things I’d been doing too

… quite few things have happened in the past 2 years and in many occasions I had to put my studies on hold. And when you are preparing for CCIE exams, putting things on hold is the last thing you want.

But here I am … I insisted, I persevered and finally passed my written exam two days ago and with a good score too:



It is only now that I consider my CCIE journey has actually started and it will certainly be a lot harder. To help me through the process, I will use this space as some sort of CCIE diary where I will write down abut the ups and downs throughout the entire process.

Occasionally, I may make reference to some of my technical blogs though in general, this series will be 99% non-technical.

Yesterday, I have started my planning and after a bit of research, I decided to attempt the exam on October 13th, in London (no, it’s not a Friday!) :

2014-04-15 17_04_52-CCIE OLSM

For my studies, I’ll be using the approach outlined here. The schedule is for 12 months preparation – in my case, I’ve given myself 6 months (roughly) and therefore, I had to introduce some changes.

It was recommended a 12h per week – so I am thinking 12h a week to pass CCIE exam in 1year, 30 hours a week should be enough to pass it in 5-6 months! So I will try my best to get 3 – 4 hours daily from Monday to Friday and an extra 6 hours for each Saturday & Sundays.

I know … not trying to be pessimistic – this is still quite tight schedule. That’s the plan and it’s semi-realistic too … there is a chance of succeeding. The worse that can happen is not being ready in which case, I would simply postpone it to February next 2015 – this is the next available date for the Mobile lab.

I will need to make this decision 90 days prior to the exam date otherwise would have to pay the exam twice.

So really, I need to make a decision three months from now! Hmmmm …


Thank you,
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