I have always thought of virtualisation as the “next big thing” since early ages. But at the time, I was too busy with Cisco/Juniper certs … Clearly it is not a next thing anymore … it has been here, with us, and I believe it is likely to stay for long time to come.

But the 1st time I really got to be responsible for the company’s virtual infrastructure was 4 years ago as I got promoted, from NOC to the Field Ops department (pretty much network design/provisioning) – I had to deploy it, manage it and support it. And I have to say, this was going quite nicely hand-in-hand with my networking skills – I loved it!

Few months passed and I decided to move on into contracting. Just in good time as the company was disposing off some of the HP DL 380 G4 servers. I took four home and built my own VMware lab and in 1.5 months, I passed the VCP5 exam, while practicing on VMware 4.x line of products. But, to be officially certified, had to sit on the VMware course – and this is very expensive thing to do!

Contracting has been going ok so far – got the funds and decided to, at last, sit the Fast Track course which was brilliant! The course was so good that I decided to lower throttle down on the CCIE track and do VCAP-DCA as well.

Going forward, I will start building my virtual lab which I could use for my VCAP studies:

  1. The Physical Server & Logical Topology
  2. Installing ESXi on the Physical Server
  3. The Basic/Core vSphere Components
  4. vSphere and DNS – Part I – Introduction
  5. vSphere and DNS – Part II – Configuration
  6. Installing vCenter Server on Windows
  7. vSphere Authentication (SSO – Signle Sign-On)
  8. The Networking Side Part I – Background
  9. The Networking Side Part II – The Hosting Infrastructure
  10. The Networking Side Part III – The VCAP-LAB
  11. ESXi Installation Types
  12. Installing ESXi – Interactive Installation
  13. Configuring Logging
  14. Setting Up External Storage – Part I – The Basics
  15. Setting Up External Storage – Part II – iSCSI on FreeNAS
  16. Setting Up External Storage – Part III – NFS on FreeNAS
  17. Resource Management (work in progress …)
    1. Fundamentals Concepts
    2. Resource Pools
    3. CPU
    4. Memory – Part I
    5. Memory – Part II
    6. Memory – Part III
    7. Storage
    8. Network
    9. DRS
    10. TShooting / esxtop Command

Thank you,
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