If you recall our general topology, we will deal in this blog with the 1st layer only.

concept-diagram - Layer1

We will see next how the general networking principles apply to 1st Layer of our topology:


A lot simpler than the previous, more generic diagram, right? First of all, I only have on physical ESXi host with datastores configured on the local disks. Therefore vMotion, Clustering, external Storage and Fault Tolerance are not present in this diagram.

Furthermore, there is only one management network which is in fact my home LAN using the /24 range. In this case, the management network is the same as the Virtual Machines network.

As a very quick example, let’s see a few screenshots:


These are the settings of the vCenter Server Appliance – you can see there is only one network card which is connected to vLAN/MGMT port-group.


I could not capture this in a screenshot in a way that would make sense – tough keep in mind that both port-groups vLAN/MGMT and the Management Network are defined within a standard virtual switch, vSwitch0. As shown above, this virtual switch is set with one uplink – a physical interface called vmnic3, on the physical ESXi host.

At last, notice how the Management Network portgroup is in fact a vm-kernel port, hence it must have an IP address.

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