While MPLS is now part of most (if not all) ISP’s networks, not many understand why is MPLS so nice and what are some of the applications we would use MPLS for.

I was looking through my posts and noticed I have few posts tackling exactly this subject. I have therefore decided to group them all for easier access; besides, it just makes more sense.

I hope the following articles help you clear up your understanding on MPLS as well as its applications within the ISP/Enterprise world.

  1. MPLS Fundamentals
  2. MPLS Forwarding
  3. MPLS TTL Propagation
  4. MPLS Based Core Network
  5. MPLS Applications – L2VPNs
  6. MPLS Applications – L2 Pseudowires
  7. MPLS Applications – L3VPNs (VPLS)


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