In the past few projects, I found myself using specific mobile Apps which, simply put, just made my life a little bit easier. Therefore I thought I would share with you and hopefully, make your life easier too.

While there is a high chance for these apps to exist between different mobile phone OSs, I have only tested them on Android, since this is the Mobile OS I use. Furthermore, some of these apps require Internet access – this is fairly obvious though I thought I’d mention it anyway.

So here is the list:

  • Ping & DNS – This app is awesome; it never froze on me and delivered every single time. What does it do? Well … quite a lot actually: Ping, TCP Ping, DNS resolution, Reverse DNS, Whois, returns the HTTP header of a URL, trace route, Checks for open port within a pot-range, gives you Network Info on your mobile network and, at last, does a SSL certificate check. What I also like is that each test is executed in a new tab – this allows me to see previous results too. And you could also email the results to an email address of your choice.
  • Reliability Calc – This tools is amazing and it certainly is very useful for calculating MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) – two important network availability indicators. It provides 3 methods of calculation
  • Speedtest – I would be very surprised if you are a network engineer and don’t have this app on your phone already. Do I need to explain what it does? I take the answer as “No”.
  • Network Mapper – this app will scan the network range you specify by doing a ping-sweep. It will give you both IP and MAC addresses. Optionally, you could then do a selective quick port scan (ports 0 to 1024) or a Full Portscan (0 to 65535).
  • WiFi Analyzer – This app will show you in a nice visual and graphical representation of how is the WiFi spectrum being utilised and by which networks (SSIDs); it does so for both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz ranges.
  • ElectroDroid – not necessary an exclusive networking tool. However, you can find pinouts of the most common cables like Ethernet, Null-Serial, etc.
  • Daylight Zone – ok … so this app is simply, cool. Use if for a very quick overview of the different daylight zones in the world. It could come handy when dealing with clients located in different parts of the world.
  • … and at last …
  • Spirit Level – once again, not a networking too. Though it could come in handy if you are dealing with racks, mounting rail kits, etc.

If hope you find these fools useful. Also, should you know of better ones, please don’t be shy! You find me on LinkedIn.


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