In this blog I will be showing you the ISP’s configuration. Though, I will not be doing a proper real-life-like implementation, rather keep it simple for the purpose of this lab’s main objective: redistribution.

I will, maybe, one day do a dedicated blog which will include ISP specific, design and configuration considerations.

As a reminder, this is part 2 of 5 as below:

  1. The Lab Scenario
  2. Configuring the ISPs Network (Internet)
  3. Configuring Company A
  4. Configuring Company B
  5. Achieving Full Connectivity

With no further due, let’s get into it.

ISP’s Configuration

Within the ISP I will have only two routers running BGP, namely R-11 and R-12. At this stage, I’m only concerned with internal connectivity within the AS and therefore, I will not configure yet the links to Company A and Company B respectively.


  1. The internal IGP is IS-IS
  2. The two border routers are running iBGP only (for now …)
  3. Each router is injecting a 200.100.X.0/24 address into the IGP

To download the entire configuration up to this stage, click here. In comparison to the configuration in Part 1, there are additional lines for is-is and bgp configuration.

Make sure you replace the string encrypted-password to plain-text-passwordfollowed by your own password.

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