So I’ve been reading a bit lately about Unicast Flooding and, in some blogs/forums, this issue surfaces as something which should be fixed! Here is the thing – not all scenarios require this fixing! As you will see, unless you change some default parameters, Unicast Flooding will happen in your network at some stage! What you… Continue reading

To be honest, I don’t really think knowledge on ISDN is a requirement anymore for passing exams though I think, it’s still being used out there. Furthermore, for historical reasons I’ve decided to make this blog on ISDN. ISDN is the acronym for Integrated Services Digital Network. There are two types of ISDN services: Basic Rate Interface… Continue reading

So you are studying networking – and then you get to read about the OSI conceptual framework which explains how network communication happens… Well, I don’t know about you but when I was studying this stuff, my head would start spinning very quickly! So I thought I would make this blog post trying to put the whole… Continue reading